Episode 15 – Woulda/Shoulda/Coulda

In Episode 15 The Life Traffic Control Podcast is joined by one of my lifelong friends Alex Lovdahl. In the episode we discuss things we would have done differently in life with the knowledge we have now, as well as how one can “come of age” in today’s world. We tackle everything from fitness and nutrition, to mindset and learning, and also discuss the good decisions we’ve made in life in to get us where we are today.

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Episode 2 – Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding

This episode tackles the classic American debate of Crossfit vs. bodybuilding and how both can be either good, bad, or ugly for you depending on what your specific health and fitness goals are. Whether you are team burpees and kipping pull ups, or team dumbbell curls and shrugs, we explore how principles from both Crossfit and bodybuilding in training and nutrition can work in unison to help you in your health endeavors.