Episode 17 – Health/Fitness/Nutrition Round Table

This Episode my colleague “SLACK” and I discuss various/random health, nutrition, fitness, and nutrition topics. We tackle everything ranging from how to train and eat for specific goals such as running a half marathon or winning Mr. Olympia, all the way to how to pass the “grueling” Air Force physical fitness test.

Check out SLACK’s podcast at http://www.theneuroplasticity.com/

Episode 3 – Time to Eat (Intermittent Fasting and Nutrient Timing)

In episode 3 the LTC crew discusses various strategies to get the most out of your diet and nutrition plan. Whether your goals are weight loss, peak performance, looking great, or simply overall health and longevity, this episode dives into how certain eating practices such as intermittent fasting or nutrient timing can help you achieve such goals.