Episode 14 – Margaux Alvarez

Episode 14 of the Life Traffic Control Podcast with Margaux Alvarez is cleared hot on iTunes!

The LTC podcast is thrilled and incredibly grateful to share a great interview with @321gaux

Margaux is a 6 time Crossfit Games athlete who also owns and operates her own wine business and vineyard. Margaux shares her Crossfit origin story and also her practices and mindset that allow her to succeed as a Crossfit athlete as well as a business owner. Margaux also shares her intense passion for helping and inspiring others by giving back to the community at large. Don’t miss out on a great episode of the @ltcpodcast, link in the bio to listen!

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Episode 11 – Recovery Blueprint: Sleep, Rest, and Relax to Better Health

In Episode 11 of the Life Traffic Control Podcast we discuss the importance of recovery in all aspects of life and  various ways to achieve adequate rest and recovery. We take a deep dive into sleep and explore a variety of tactics, tips, and tricks to optimize your sleep, including hacks for sleep while working night shifts. We also tackle nutrition, supplementation, cold/hot therapy, mindfulness, play and much more in this episode in efforts to provide a blueprint for optimal rest and recovery.

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