Episode 17 – Health/Fitness/Nutrition Round Table

This Episode my colleague “SLACK” and I discuss various/random health, nutrition, fitness, and nutrition topics. We tackle everything ranging from how to train and eat for specific goals such as running a half marathon or winning Mr. Olympia, all the way to how to pass the “grueling” Air Force physical fitness test.

Check out SLACK’s podcast at http://www.theneuroplasticity.com/

Episode 5 – Supplements

In LTC episode 5 we discuss supplements. We both pick our top 5 supplements and discuss why each of these supplements made our top 5 list, what health benefits these particular supplements can bring you, and also the brands of each of these supplements that we take personally. Our top 5 List is as follows…

Flash’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement   2. Pre/ProBiotics    3. Magnesium      4. Iodine      5. Vitamin D

Steve’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement     2. Greens/Superfood Powder    3.  Pre/Probiotics     4. Vitamin D     5. Grass Fed Protein