19 – Tribute to Captain Kevin “Flash” Larson

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Capt. Kevin “Flash” Larson. Flash passed away around a year ago and this episode is a compilation of some highlight takes we had while recording this podcast. This podcast will never be the same without him, but I hope to continue it in tribute to him. I am not sure exactly how the show will look, but I hope I can carry on Flash’s vision of creating any content whatsoever…as long as it can help others live better lives. The world misses you Flash, and we will always remember the friendship and kindness you brought to everyone and everything in your life.

Episode 18 – Life “Hacks” for Success and Wellness

In this episode my good friend Alex and I recount the successes we’ve both had since our last podcast about a year ago, and we discuss some tools and techniques that we feel led to said successes. Victories aside, Alex and I also dive into the areas in which we are struggling with and share our attack plan to combat these weaknesses. These life “hacks” we discuss range from the topics in the nutrition and exercise realm, all the way to things such as meditation, philosophy, and problem solving.

Episode 16 – Life Lessons Learned from Aviation

In episode 16 of the Life Traffic Control Podcast, pilots Aaron and Cole join the show to discuss some great life lessons that have come from a career in aviation. Some topics discussed at this pilot round table were training and schooling backgrounds, stories of some “oh shi*” moments in the air, the mindset of what it takes to be a successful aviator, and some great life wisdom learned from time in the cockpit that can be applied to everyday life.

Episode 15 – Woulda/Shoulda/Coulda

In Episode 15 The Life Traffic Control Podcast is joined by one of my lifelong friends Alex Lovdahl. In the episode we discuss things we would have done differently in life with the knowledge we have now, as well as how one can “come of age” in today’s world. We tackle everything from fitness and nutrition, to mindset and learning, and also discuss the good decisions we’ve made in life in to get us where we are today.

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Episode 14 – Margaux Alvarez

Episode 14 of the Life Traffic Control Podcast with Margaux Alvarez is cleared hot on iTunes!

The LTC podcast is thrilled and incredibly grateful to share a great interview with @321gaux

Margaux is a 6 time Crossfit Games athlete who also owns and operates her own wine business and vineyard. Margaux shares her Crossfit origin story and also her practices and mindset that allow her to succeed as a Crossfit athlete as well as a business owner. Margaux also shares her intense passion for helping and inspiring others by giving back to the community at large. Don’t miss out on a great episode of the @ltcpodcast, link in the bio to listen!

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Episode 10 – Life as a “Millennial”

This episode of the LTC podcast is all about millennials! There is often a negative stigma associated with the word “millennial” and we delve into how it has transformed from simply a word used to describe a generation of young people, into a label with several different stereotypes attached to it. We attempt to dissolve the stereotype of the self entitled, participation trophy seeking, lazy millennial, but also acknowledge reasons as to why some of these stereotypes do have some validity.  From technology to politics to social demographics, we explore a variety of topics in effort to paint a clear picture as to what life as a millennial is like in today’s world.


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Episode 9 – Being Present and the Power of Now

In Episode 9 we discuss the limitless benefits and importance of being present in your day to day life. We discuss several ideas from author Eckhart Tolle’s works The Power of Now and A New Earth , which we believe serve as bibles or blueprints for practicing and embodying presence. We touch on mindfulness activities, relationships, emotions and much more in this episode. Do us, yourself, and the world a favor and check out Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth, I assure you that you will be glad that you did!

Episode 8 – Sibling Sweat Pt. 2

In Episode 8 we go over Ellen’s progress towards her health/fitness goals that we setup in pt.1 of the sib sweat series. This go around we give ole Elly a much more simple, balanced program to follow in order to help her reach her health/fitness goals.


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Episode 6 – Books for a Better Life

In episode 6 we each list our top 5 favorite books in which we believe had added great value to our lives after reading. We discuss some of them in detail but encourage you to check them out on your own! Our top 5 book list is as follows…

Flash’s Top 5                                                                                                                                                                                       5. “Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson

4. “The Power of Body Language” by Joe Navarro

3. ” The Ultramind Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman

2. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

1. “The Power of Now” and “New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

Steve’s Top 5

5. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** ” by Mark Manson

4. ” Unplugged” by Dr. Andy Galpin and Brian MacKenzie

3. ” Own the Day, Own your Life ” by Aubrey Marcus

2. ” How to Eat, Move, and be Healthy” by Paul Chek

1. “The Power of Now” and “New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

Episode 5 – Supplements

In LTC episode 5 we discuss supplements. We both pick our top 5 supplements and discuss why each of these supplements made our top 5 list, what health benefits these particular supplements can bring you, and also the brands of each of these supplements that we take personally. Our top 5 List is as follows…

Flash’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement   2. Pre/ProBiotics    3. Magnesium      4. Iodine      5. Vitamin D

Steve’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement     2. Greens/Superfood Powder    3.  Pre/Probiotics     4. Vitamin D     5. Grass Fed Protein


Episode 4 – Sibling Sweat Pt.1

This episode is the first part of our sibling sweat series. In this episode we introduce Ellen and discuss her health and fitness goals in which the LTC crew will tailor a personalized program designed to help Ellen reach her specific goals. We apologize in advance for the poor audio quality and random pen clicking throughout the episode, we will do our best to clean it up for you next time!


Episode 3 – Time to Eat (Intermittent Fasting and Nutrient Timing)

In episode 3 the LTC crew discusses various strategies to get the most out of your diet and nutrition plan. Whether your goals are weight loss, peak performance, looking great, or simply overall health and longevity, this episode dives into how certain eating practices such as intermittent fasting or nutrient timing can help you achieve such goals.

Episode 2 – Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding

This episode tackles the classic American debate of Crossfit vs. bodybuilding and how both can be either good, bad, or ugly for you depending on what your specific health and fitness goals are. Whether you are team burpees and kipping pull ups, or team dumbbell curls and shrugs, we explore how principles from both Crossfit and bodybuilding in training and nutrition can work in unison to help you in your health endeavors. 

Episode 1 – Fat

In this episode we talk about fat and how eating good sources of dietary fat is crucial to your well being. We discuss various myths surrounding dietary fat and how it was demonized for so long in our culture. Luckily things seem to be taking a step in the right direction regarding our cultures acceptance of eating dietary fat and we brush on these topics as well.