Episode 18 – Life “Hacks” for Success and Wellness

In this episode my good friend Alex and I recount the successes we’ve both had since our last podcast about a year ago, and we discuss some tools and techniques that we feel led to said successes. Victories aside, Alex and I also dive into the areas in which we are struggling with and share our attack plan to combat these weaknesses. These life “hacks” we discuss range from the topics in the nutrition and exercise realm, all the way to things such as meditation, philosophy, and problem solving.

Episode 17 – Health/Fitness/Nutrition Round Table

This Episode my colleague “SLACK” and I discuss various/random health, nutrition, fitness, and nutrition topics. We tackle everything ranging from how to train and eat for specific goals such as running a half marathon or winning Mr. Olympia, all the way to how to pass the “grueling” Air Force physical fitness test.

Check out SLACK’s podcast at http://www.theneuroplasticity.com/

Episode 12 – Battle of the Sexes: Health/Wellness Differences in Men and Women

In Episode 12 the LTC podcast is blessed by guest @MadisonHeleneLyn_ as we take a deep dive into the differences of health and vitality between men and women. We explore the biological and physiological factors that differentiate the sexes but also explore the difference in mindset and psychology that accompany each sex through their specific health related goals.  Another interesting topic we tackle is the importance of both men and women finding their own individual balance to their masculine and feminine energy in order to strive for live a life of balance and health both mentally and physically.

Find Madison at:

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Episode 8 – Sibling Sweat Pt. 2

In Episode 8 we go over Ellen’s progress towards her health/fitness goals that we setup in pt.1 of the sib sweat series. This go around we give ole Elly a much more simple, balanced program to follow in order to help her reach her health/fitness goals.


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Episode 7 – Life Advice from The Spoon River Cowboy

In episode 7 of the LTC podcast, the podcast has its first guest…Willie Coondog Kuhn (aka The Spoon River Cowboy). Willie has been all over the world, done a variety of different work, and has seen many crazy things. Willie offers up some great advice on what to expect in order to truly succeed and also shares his insights, humor, and compassion in efforts to explain how to pave the way towards happiness.

Episode 5 – Supplements

In LTC episode 5 we discuss supplements. We both pick our top 5 supplements and discuss why each of these supplements made our top 5 list, what health benefits these particular supplements can bring you, and also the brands of each of these supplements that we take personally. Our top 5 List is as follows…

Flash’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement   2. Pre/ProBiotics    3. Magnesium      4. Iodine      5. Vitamin D

Steve’s Top 5

  1. Omega 3 Supplement     2. Greens/Superfood Powder    3.  Pre/Probiotics     4. Vitamin D     5. Grass Fed Protein


Episode 4 – Sibling Sweat Pt.1

This episode is the first part of our sibling sweat series. In this episode we introduce Ellen and discuss her health and fitness goals in which the LTC crew will tailor a personalized program designed to help Ellen reach her specific goals. We apologize in advance for the poor audio quality and random pen clicking throughout the episode, we will do our best to clean it up for you next time!


Episode 1 – Fat

In this episode we talk about fat and how eating good sources of dietary fat is crucial to your well being. We discuss various myths surrounding dietary fat and how it was demonized for so long in our culture. Luckily things seem to be taking a step in the right direction regarding our cultures acceptance of eating dietary fat and we brush on these topics as well.